Recognizing social challenges.
Giving something back.
Beaumont Haiti

“Great things can grow from small beginnings.”

The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has a mission to provide long-term support for social, scientific and cultural projects.

Wilfried and Martha Ensinger’s commitment to Ensinger, the family firm they founded, always went hand in hand with support for people in Germany and abroad.

 OUR support priorities 

International Aid Projects

Providing aid to promote self-help: For many years the Foundation has enabled people to create a dignified existence for themselves by providing resources all over the world.

Society and Culture

The Foundation is involved in the regional cultural scene in Germany. For example, in Rottenburg the Foundation helps the Zehntscheuer Cultural Society to grow continously.

Science and Research

Recognizing the shortage of highly skilled professionals in technical and engineering sectors, the Foundation strongly supports young talents in technical professions.

About us

Born out of their Christian conviction and with the aim of helping others and fighting injustice, the couple launched their first aid project in Brazil as long ago as the seventies. Since then many more projects all around the globe have been launched.

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